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Dear Madam / Sir!

Magyarul Deutsche

Thank you for giving attention to us. Please let me introduce our company. I started to produce nursery furniture in 1989 as a private contractor.
Later I founded a company called "Fargo-Trade" because of the growing demands. Our main range of manufacture was child's bed but we could serve the special demand of people. Meantime, we were continuously developing our company and we took up the name of "Kinder Möbel Bt" in 2005.
We took significant steps to produce furniture of high standard. We grew our capacity of getting new machines and we raised the quality of our furniture. Our main ambition is to serve our partners quickly with good quality and at a low price. We are increasing our range of products and we are very glad to realize our partners' ideas.

Our services:

  • Special furniture:
    - Making irregular/non standard size cots and commodes
    - Planning and making complete nursery furniture
  • Home-delivery service:
    - At your pleasure we send the furniture to your house by a courier in Hungary.


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